Golf Instruction Lessons

The golf swing can be complex and very difficult for most people to understand. Most teachers’ philosophy’s have a method structure to which they instruct. Methods in golf instruction would include: stack and tilt, one plane, two plane, etc. While certain aspects of method swings are great, it takes a long time to develop. Many teachers that incorporate a method have been successful; I have found that each person I teach has different tendencies and abilities. There are definitely fundamentals, but to impart an exact swing just isn’t practical. I want to individualize my instruction to you and your capability. Do you think Jim Furyk, the most unorthodox swing on the PGA tour, would benefit from a stack and tilt golf swing? The answer is absolutely not!

I evaluate each student to access strengths and weaknesses. I want my students to understand the fundamentals of the game and cater to their potential. My students leave a lesson with an understanding of how to score. This includes all facets of the game and most importantly, the short game. For every lesson my students take with me, I insist that our next lesson to be designed around the short game.

What do I want my students to understand in the swing?

Can my students understand how the club strikes the golf ball on a solid shot? The swing and body can move in many ways, but I want the student to understand how. Having the club in the proper position allows the body to move freely, which will result in solid shots. Most people are trying to hold a certain position with their body, which will dramatically decrease the rhythm of their swing.

No matter what level your game is currently, you CAN improve. Give me the opportunity to truly bring your ability to the next level!


Individual Lessons

$60/Hour $35/Half Hour

$100/ 9 Hole Playing Lesson

Junior Lesson

$20/Half Hour (ages 5-11)

$25/Half Hour (ages 12-16)

Club Fitting

Fitting Lesson $60- Irons, hybrids, and all woods (Fitting fee waved If purchase is $500 or more)

Club Repair

Regripping - Price determined by grip style, size